Old books and Raspberry tea

I’m sure if you are fond of tea, you have already discovered that the smell of earl grey tea is the perfect combination with the heavenly scent of old books. (Speaking of Earl Grey tea, Timothy’s tea is a great brand for dark teas, though I’ve only been able to find it at Christmas Tree shop in a sampler pack with many many other kinds.) But a combination I’ve recently found is thanks to an adorable British tea shop somewhere in Connecticut, is raspberry tea and old books.

Now, I’ve only ever found two raspberry teas that I have enjoyed. Most are too sweet or too artificial tasting so you can imagine my amazement when I found some that were not only pleasant but amazing. One of these teas is Timothy’s Raspberry tea. I had found it in that same 94 tea bag gift set and sampler I spoke of a moment ago. It’s twenty-ish dollars on Amazon, but I generally find it for eight at Christmas Tree. I highly suggest going to Christmas Tree shop. My darling friend managed to find Timothy’s tea book a few years back, though I have no idea where she found it, it had a great mix of their tea as well. I’m honestly not sure why it’s so difficult to find, as it is rather amazing.

The other Raspberry tea, which is by far my favorite, is The Republic of Tea’s Raspberry Rose Hibiscus. That’s the one I found at the tea shop, and am thrilled that I did. I usually add a little bit of sugar to herbal teas to bring out the flavor, but with this one I don’t find I need to. (Sometimes I do anyway.) The only con to this tea, is that it’s rather expensive.  Okay, not that expensive but as a jobless nineteen year old twenty five dollars seems a lot. But then again, it’s still cheaper than Teavana.

Speaking of old books and earl grey, Demeter carries perfumes of both that are highly accurate. I wear the Paperback Book almost daily. 
Paperback book     

Earl Grey Tea





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