A DIY – Your fingernail’s new best friend

First – Let me just say, this is NOT a promotion. This is something I made myself and have found to actually be very helpful.

My nails have always been kind of horrid at the whole behaving thing. They are weak and flimsy and have a tendency to break and peel. Usually, as soon as I get my nails to a length I like, one or several peel and snap far too short. Sometimes resulting in blood.

At the moment, my nails are this long-12695484_1253898957958226_1613467189_o

And somewhat miraculously have been so for almost two weeks and still are growing.

Three things I have found to help very very much.

1- Stop pushing back your cuticles as far as possible. I used to push mine at least once a week if not more, using lotions and cutting what I thought was excess off. This should be a once a month thing using an orange stick, and do not cut them.

2 – If you get a tiny nick in your nail, file it. Otherwise it will get caught on something and get worse. If you want long nails, do not procrastinate on this.

3 – The third thing, and the most helpful thing for me is a moisturizing (and apparently strengthening) concoction I mixed up when I got bored. Honestly, you could ignore the other two things on this list if you use this.

It has only three ingredients!

Coconut oil    – Vitamin E oil –   Tea tree oil

Easy, right? It is! I like to mix up a good sized bit and keep it in a small glass cup. It sits along with several q-tips on the table next to my couch, so I apply it while I’m watching TV and don’t have to worry about holding still because I more or less am anyway.

Use equal(ish) parts coconut oil and vitamin E oil. I think I generally put more coconut oil. As for the tea tree oil, put 4-6 drops. I use six, but if you are sensitive to strong smells you will want to use less. Then, using a Q-tip, apply it to the whole of your nail bed. I do it once a day (not counting when I forget….). You can also apply it to the underside of your nail.

Great plus side? It also works as a moisturizer for your cuticles AND the tea tree oil protects from getting infection if you can’t help yourself from cutting your cuticles. What? You need another plus to find it worth it? Well, good thing I have one then. It heals hang nails crazy well.

I hope it works well for you! Comment and tell me your experience after a few days. And I’d love to hear if you have a better DIY for this!




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