About Me

Hello! I’m Rowan, The Eclectic Ambivert.

I’m always a bit tongue tied when it comes to writing anything about who I am. Perhaps because I’m not entirely sure. Forgive me if I seem to ramble on, or make little to no sense.

I tend to write most at ridiculous hours, from midnight to three in the morning. I started this new blog because I am reaching a point in my life where things are finally changing for the better.

I adore reading, writing, and crafting of most kinds. My pinterest board is an insane mishmash of projects I will probably never get to, recipes I’m likely too lazy to attempt, and useful tips I will forget I have until it’s too late and I’ve gone and done something the wrong way.

I am twenty one, at the moment. I also have a myriad of health issues that I am only recently getting the upper hand of. Lyme Disease and its tick carried friends are the worst culprits, having caused or worsened my ADD, anxiety, depression and seizures.

My husband (Bless that boy and his saintly level of patience. I can be rather annoying.) has helped me through a lot, and really is one of the best people on the planet.

I am an exceedingly random person who hates decision making above all else.

And….that’s me, more or less.