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To be your strength

I feel the world as it crashes down with force that drops us to our knees. Atlas has grown tired, his knees buckled, and the weight fell on your shoulders. I am not equipped for the world. I have not … Continue reading

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In which my husband refuses to do what is best for humanity

There are three key factors to this post, which is mainly a conversation over text with my husband. 1 – I am coming down with a cold 2- I am very anxious 3 – I am am somewhat bored at … Continue reading

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In which I have far too many encounters with urine and disaster

I had the weirdest day, y’all, and I swear I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’d been meaning to take a pregnancy test today, to make sure I wasn’t harboring an alien (or, less likely, a fetus). So there … Continue reading

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Nothing is always Something

Tonight, I went to clean and apply a new bandage to my hickman catheter. It was then I noticed several strange objects inside the line itself. They looked like a sort of gelatinous milky white mass. This is the first … Continue reading

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A DIY – Your fingernail’s new best friend

Three ingredient DIY that you might love! Continue reading

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Old books and Raspberry tea

A long and rather random rambling that is more or less about brands that make a good raspberry tea. Continue reading

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Ignoring the intimidation from my own mind

The first post – Hopefully the first of many. Continue reading

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